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Caltex manufactures and markets quality lubricants.

Caltex branded lubricants have been manufactured and distributed around the globe for nearly 80 years. Throughout the decades the focus has always been providing superior products, giving all our customers peace of mind that they’re topping up their engines with quality.

•        Havoline® (gasoline engine oil)

•        Delo® (diesel engine oil)

•        Motorcycle oil

•        Specialties

Havoline® and Delo® are products manufactured by Chevron Inc and distributed in New Zealand under licence by Z Energy Group.


How to find us

We believe one of the things that sets us apart from the rest, is our focus on building and maintaining strong partnerships with our customers. Between our in-house lubricant business consultants and our dedicated lubricant distributors from around the country, we’re proud to have a team of industry experts who are keen to understand your needs and ensure your operations are paired with the right lubricant solutions for you.

To purchase Caltex lubricants phone 0800 372 374 and you’ll be automatically put through to the local lubricant distributor in your area.

Click here to view the Caltex lubricants distributor map


Finding the right engine oil

The Caltex New Zealand Lubricant Product Recommendation Guide is a guide to help you select the appropriate lubricant product for a wide range of vehicles, boats, machinery and equipment.

Use this guide to take the guesswork out of your oil selection process.


Oil analysis programme

We know that when it comes to lubricants, product performance is really important so we’re proud to offer a sophisticated oil analysis programme that helps determine the condition of our lubricants while they’re working.

The programme involves a series of physical and chemical tests of lubricants in service. The results can then be used to confirm the suitability of the product, as well as determine the optimum time periods for preventative maintenance activities, and to catch any problems in the early stages – before equipment grinds to a halt.

Visit Oil Analysis to access the Oil Analysis Programme.


Material Safety Data Sheets

Material Safety Data Sheets for Caltex’s range of products, including lubricants, can be found here.