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  • Why should I choose Caltex™ with Techron® over lower quality fuels?

Techron®, the special ingredient in all Caltex petrol, makes them unbeatable at keeping vital engine parts clean, helping your car perform at its best. Lower quality fuels can leave harmful deposits in your car’s engine. As these deposits accumulate over time, your car may begin to hesitate and stumble during acceleration, knock or lose power. Caltex fuels with the Techron® additive are unbeatable at cleaning up and avoiding deposits. There’s no better way for you to protect and maintain your engine’s performance than by using Caltex with Techron®.

  • How is Techron® different from other fuel company’s additives?

Most oil companies use deposit control additives that do an adequate job in the engine’s intake system. However, many of these additives contribute to combustion chamber deposits which can cause an engine to need a higher octane fuel to avoid knock and run-on, or loss in performance. These excessive deposits can also cause higher emissions of harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxides cause acid rain and ozone smog. In contrast, Techron®, exclusive to our family of brands, Caltex, Texaco and Chevron, not only provides unbeatable performance in fuel system deposit control, it also minimises build-up of combustion chamber deposits.

  • Could my car benefit from using Caltex Premium fuel with Techron®?

Caltex Premium with Techron® can help maximise performance in cars designed to use high octane fuel. High octane Caltex Premium can help give these cars faster acceleration and smoother performance than lower octane fuels.

  • My car owner’s manual says that I can use regular unleaded fuel. Is it true that a car engine’s octane requirements can increase over time?

Yes, and Caltex Gold and Platinum with Techron® have high octane that can maximise performance in cars with increased octane requirements. Over time, deposits can accumulate in your car’s combustion chambers. These deposits can cause knocking or pinging, run-on or reduced performance, particularly if your car has driven over 25,000 kilometres. A high octane fuel can help you reduce or eliminate these problems (except the run-on). While some of these engines may be satisfied by the octane offered by our Silver grade, others may require the even higher octane of Caltex Gold and Platinum. If combustion chamber deposit build-up is affecting your car, Caltex Gold and Platinum with Techron® can help restore its performance. The unique formulation of Techron® minimises the contribution to combustion chamber deposits and can help limit your car’s increase in appetite for octane.

  • I care for the environment. How can my choice of fuel make a difference to the quality of air we breathe?

Deposits on carburettors, fuel injectors and intake valves can cause your car to produce higher emissions, which contribute to air pollution. Caltex with Techron® is unbeatable at cleaning up and avoiding these deposits, helping giveing you reduced emissions. And unlike the deposit control additives used by many oil companies, Caltex with Techron® cleans up intake system deposits while minimising the contribution to emission-causing combustion chamber deposits. That’s why Caltex with Techron® just makes better sense.

  • I’ve seen the black bottle of Concentrate Fuel System Cleaners in Caltex service stations. What is the difference between those and Techron®?

The principal difference between Techron® and Concentrate Fuel System Cleaners is additive concentration and rate of deposit clean-up. At the concentration present in Caltex fuels, Techron® over several tankfuls will help clean up deposits on intake valves without contributing to combustion chamber deposits. So, over time, Caltex with Techron® will be able to reduce or eliminate deposit-related hesitation and stumbling during acceleration. A bottle of Fuel System Cleaner, when added to fuel according to the label instructions, results in an additive concentration roughly 10 times stronger than the dose in Caltex. This mega-dose of cleaner provides a much quicker clean up of intake valve deposits left by lower quality fuels. In addition, the high concentration of the Techron® in the cleaner reduces combustion chamber deposits, which can help reduce or eliminate deposit-related engine knock and run-on.

Do I need to use a Fuel System Cleaner if I buy only Caltex fuel with Techron®

If you have been exclusively using Caltex with Techron® for some time, your car will not be affected by performance-robbing deposits. A bottle of Fuel System Cleaner, therefore, is not likely to provide any additional benefits. However, if you sometimes purchase a lower quality fuel, you could try the Fuel System Cleaner to quickly restore performance lost due to deposit accumulation.

  • My car is knocking and pinging. What is causing this? Can Caltex with Techron® help?

Knocking and pinging are generally caused by improper combustion in your engine. If the fuel-air mixture auto-ignites somewhere in the cylinder, the auto-ignition combustion wave can interact with the spark-initiated combustion wave, causing the vibration you hear as knock or ping. An increase in engine load, temperature, compression, spark-advance, air-fuel ratio and combustion chamber deposits all contribute to the tendency for an engine to knock. The use of higher octane fuel reduces this tendency. Deposits in the combustion chamber can increase you engine’s appetite for octane by increasing the compression ratio. Fortunately, Caltex with Techron® minimises any contribution to potentially harmful combustion chamber deposits.